Emergency Roof Patch

Powdered Roof Repair

Stop using pots and pans to catch rain water that seeps through your leaky roof. Use Share's EMERGENCY ROOF PATCH to immediately stop water from dripping through your ceiling. This easy to use powder combines silica and bentonite which bind together when they come in contact with water. When you see water trickling from your ceiling, simply pour EMERGENCY ROOF PATCH on your roof in the general area where the leak is found. EMERGENCY ROOF PATCH will follow the flow of rain water as it seeps through the leak. As it reacts with water, it will begin to swell and seal the leak. No messy pastes or tools are required to apply EMERGENCY ROOF PATCH. Pour Share's EMERGENCY ROOF PATCH on your leaks to stop the rain from pouring through your ceiling.

  • Immediately seeks out and seals leaks in roofs.
  • Easy to use powder combines high grade roofing grit with silicon dioxide.
  • Simply pour over top of leak on roof - no messy pastes or special tools required.
  • Can be used during rainstorms.