FOUR WAY ACTION AEROSOL [Penetrant & Rust Preventative Spray]

When you need to get rust-locked parts moving again, your first move should be to get FOUR WAY ACTION AEROSOL from Share. Advanced penetrants and lubricants have been combined to create a superior formula. It penetrates easily to dissolve oxidation deposits and loosen frozen components within minutes. Once it permeates rust deposits, FOUR WAY ACTION AEROSOL lubricates parts to reduce friction and eliminate annoying squeaks. Another quality that sets it apart from ordinary lubricants is its ability to form a protective seal that displaces and prohibits moisture from corroding metal surfaces. With the ability to resist moisture, FOUR WAY ACTION AEROSOL helps to reduce problems that arise with electronic and electrical equipment due to dampness.


  • Non-flammable penetrating lubricant.
  • Displaces moisture.
  • Prevents corrosion.
  • Pleasing cherry fragrance.
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