Green Death Ultimate

Non-Selective Herbicide w/Glyphosate

Need to eliminate a single weed without harming desired flowers or shrubs? Share's GREEN DEATH ULTIMATE now makes it easy to "peg" one specific weed. GREEN DEATH ULTIMATE is ideal for spot treatments because it only kills those plants that are sprayed. Made with 18% Glyphosate, this concentrated formula can be easily diluted with water to provide non-selective, complete weed control. As a systemic herbicide, GREEN DEATH ULTIMATE circulates through roots, stems and leaves to kill the entire plant. Since it becomes inactive when it comes in contact with soil, it will not leach and also allows for quick replanting only seven days after application. GREEN DEATH ULTIMATE is effective on hard-to-kill vines and over 60 different weeds including common ragweed, crab grasses, dandelions, foxtail, Johnson grass, poison ivy, poison oak, quack grass, white clover, among many others. When you need to zero in on a single weed, set your sights on GREEN DEATH ULTIMATE.


  • Formulated with 18% Glyphosate to provide non-selective, complete kill - roots to leaves.
  • Rainproof in just 2 hours - apply and irrigate the same day.
  • Becomes inactive once it comes in contact with soil - will not leach and affect other plants.
  • Can be applied throughout the growing season.
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Grounds Maintenance
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