Open Gear Lube

High Adhesion Spray Lubricant

OPEN GEAR LUBE AEROSOL is Share's answer to a variety of lubrication problems associated with exposed moving parts. Made with a select group of high-performance ingredients, OPEN GEAR LUBE AEROSOL firmly adheres to metal surfaces, provides excellent lubrication, tolerates high temperatures and pressures and is water-resistant. What makes OPEN GEAR LUBE AEROSOL so special is its ability to cling to moving parts ( such as gears ) without squeezing out or slinging out under high RPMs. As soon as it's sprayed onto machinery, it sets-up to form a tacky yet greasy lubricating film. This promotes efficient use of OPEN GEAR LUBE AEROSOL so that it constantly relubricates parts with every revolution that gears, chains, sprockets or other similar equipment may make. OPEN GEAR LUBE AEROSOL won't wash-off and can endure the weather extremes of summer and winter. To increase the service life of all your exposed equipment, use OPEN GEAR LUBE AEROSOL from Share.


  • High Viscosity formula clings to vertical and overhead surfaces; won't drip or run.
  • Stretching characteristics reduce gear wear to increase service life.
  • Seals out moisture and repels water to prevent rust and corrosion.
  • Does not contain chlorinated or fluorinated solvents.
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